I left my high-paying corporate gig in 2011 to look after my health and family.

The best way for me was to start my own business.

How hard could it be? 

If you have built your consulting business from scratch you probably know the answer.


Made even harder by my inherited kidney disease.

I had two options:

  • Take pity
  • Find a way
Really only one. 😉
For the next 10 years, I dedicated my life to learning how to scale a consulting business, culminating in an exit in 2019.

I now help others to avoid the mistakes I made.

You have the smarts to get there, it is the experience that makes the difference.
A membership gaining 1-3 leads a week on Linkedin.
Building you a predictable sales system to get an additional million in ARR.
It outlines my formative years learning how to transition from corporate to scale my own businesses.

Many of the lessons are still applicable today.

All sales proceeds go to the Purple House, a non-profit that supports indigenous people on dialysis.

I am passionate about raising awareness for organ donation.

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