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Are you running a profit machine or a sweat box?
  • How do I clone myself so the weight of sales doesn't fall on my shoulders?
  • How do I extract the way I sell to be able to be replicated by others?
  • How do I get out of the delivery of the business?
  • ​How do I build a consistent and reliable source of leads which is not reliant upon an agency?
  • ​How do I take a day off without worrying what is going on?
  • ​How can I sell the business given the way it is organised?
  • ​How can I meet the promises I gave my family in both time and money?
Accelerate can help!
  • Paul has helped me be more consistent and successful with my LI
posting and outreach. He's generous with his time and knowledge and every time we talk I see improvements in my attitude, performance and results. I can't recommend him highly enough!
Brad Farris | Anchor Advisors, Ltd.
I created Accelerate after running outsourcing and tech consulting businesses. I wanted to help business owners avoid some of the painful mistakes I made - in business and life.

I have spent 18 years at Coca-Cola, launched 2 startups exiting one and have paid world class mentors a truck load of money to improve my business. Some of it worked but a lot didn't. I want to shorten your path by giving you my four pillars.

If you struggle to see the label from inside the jar, I would like to talk to you.

My style of helping is different to what I have experienced from other mentors. I can only talk from this experience as I don't know yours at this stage.
 Pre-call prep
My experience: I would fill out a lengthy questionnaire and then be asked the same questions in a call.

What I do:
I get you to answer X questions prior to our call.

 Initial call
My experience: I would be asked what I want to achieve in business and given the features of their program.

What I do: I ask you what will be the positives to your lifestyle if you were to achieve your business goals. Subtle distinction, however a very important one. I don't take you through how I work in this call. If you want to learn how we can work together to achieve these goals, we would have another call.
 Investment call
My experience: I would be taken through what the investment would be and asked if I would sign up or not.

What I do: I take you through 29 steps in my methodology and you answer yes or no in one word to each. This gives you a score out of 100%. Then you make the call if you want to do it yourself, do it with me or do it with someone else. There is no pressure from me.
My experience: You get sent a diagnostic to fill in before a strategy call. You prioritise what to achieve and then you have weekly calls to achieve it. There is little structure and you wonder what tangible outcome you will gain.

What I do: You get sent a diagnostic to fill in before a strategy call. No different. In the strategy we prioritise the order of the predefined steps based on my four pillar methodology. Think of it as agreeing how we will put the pieces of the jigsaw together. We also go into detail on expectations, objectives and how we will work together. I introduce you to the project management software we will use to track the actions you take. You leave with 100% clarity on what you are doing, how and when.
 Working together
My experience: They say it will take 12 months to implement. The weekly calls were unstructured and we repeated old ground. I had to wait a week to get simple questions answered. I was unclear of the core next steps and it became more of a chat.

What I do: We get the result in 12 weeks. I start each call with your wins. Then we go into the project software and see progress made. We remove any barriers and look into my specialists to clear them for you. We allocate tasks to your team and mine to do the heavy lifting. You have access to me through a messaging platform called Voxer. Immediate responses.
I have made it this way based on what didn't work for me, but more importantly what has worked for past clients.
01: Do your research
Look at my content on LinkedIn, listen to my podcast and read my book. Look for mutual connections and ask them what their experience has been. Shortlist two other options and do the same.
02: Ask me questions
Send me questions at [email protected] to answer. I love these via video, but use what is comfortable for you. I will reply with a video.
03: Book initial call
If and only if you are satisfied with the answers, book a call with me here. Fill out the X questions and pick a time which works best for you.
04: Initial call
We will go through the methodology and you will answer yes or no to the questions. I will give you the result and then you decide if we progress to the investment call. I will be transparent with the investment options on the initial call.
  • Having someone to bounce ideas off, seek recommendations from and have
accountability with is essential to small business success. For me, one of the key people in my support and mentoring team who does just that is Paul Higgins.

Paul's guidance, advice and support is invaluable and his knowledge, extensive.

Paul is responsive and always keen to help you achieve your best in business. I highly recommend making him part of your team to help you achieve next level success.❞

Leah Mether | Methmac Communications Pty Ltd
【?】What type of service-based businesses do you help?
​✔ I like to leverage my prior experience from running my own businesses. These include Outsourcing, Consulting, Technology and agencies.
【?】What business owners do you like working with?
​✔ I like to work with high performing business owners. There is a fire in their belly to get amazing results for their clients. They have high integrity and want to make a profit to fund their lifestyle. They gave a sense of community and helping others. They are open to mentoring and are fast at implementation. They are good at delegating to others and treat their employees like they would like to be treated themselves.
【?】Who don’t you work with?
​✔ I prefer not to work with people who have solely about monetary gain. They have a different set of values and ethics to me. They work in industries I have a philosophical misalignment with.
【?】What happens if this doesn’t work for me?
​✔ ​If you follow our methodology and guidelines there is a high probability of success. I will continue to work with you past the agreed 12 weeks until you get a result. 

If you have to stop for personal circumstances outside of your control we can pause the mentoring and start again at a mutually agreed time. If this is not viable, we will agree to a partial refund.
【?】How much time will it take each week?
​✔ ​The calls are for 60 minutes maximum. I will send you a video outlining what the expectations are for the call prior and we have Asana and Voxer to stay updated during the week.
【?】What if I haven’t worked with a paid mentor before?
​✔ ​We will take more time in the setup to set the expectations and agree on how we will work together. In the past, the end results have not been impacted by the prior paid experience.
【?】Can you give me an example of the specialists you said above?
​✔ ​Personal branding. While I do have marketing experience and skills, I am not a specialist in building a personal brand. If this is needed to achieve your goals, I would refer you to three people I have worked with in the past and you can choose the right person for you.
【?】Can I speak to past and present clients?
​✔ ​Yes by all means at the investment stage. If you indicate a high level of interest to work together, I can put you in contact with Accelerate graduates to hear their experience.
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