Helping Consulting Businesses Get Predictable Clients Through the Accelerate Sales Program to Reach their Next Million in Revenue
As an owner of a consulting business, do you find yourself struggling with some of these challenges:
  • Worried about your reliance on one source of leads?
  • Frustrated by the pace of getting to your next million million in revenue?
  • Exhausted by carrying the weight of sales and know you need a system?
Do you want a predictable, consistent and repeatable sales system to get new clients which needs less of your time?
Consulting relies on people to people relationships.

People will like, know and trust you based on your content.

Drawing people to you is the next step in achieving additional revenue.

There are activities you will do to achieve this:
1.1 Fill Funnel
  • Nail your ideal client
  • Create marketing assets
  • Build your list
1.2 Build Authority
  • Organic content
  • Posting on social media
  • Guesting on podcasts
1.3 Warm prospects
  • Killer LinkedIn profile
  • Thousands of views on LinkedIn
  • Outreach on LinkedIn

Time now to build on the connection. 15% of your audience are ready to buy now according to Dean Jackson.

We take you through these three steps to convert into loyal clients.

2.1.1 Scale Sales
  • Build your genius model
  • Run scalable webinars
  • Sold discovery process
2.2.1 High Conversion
  • Converting sales calls
  • Foolproof followup
  • Amazing case studies
2.3.1 Build team
  • Best in class tools
  • Supportive admin
  • Seamless automation

We have the offers converting now time to put fuel on the fire.

The cost of marketing and selling to individuals can slow down your pace.

Let's get someone doing the heavy lifting for you so all you have to do is close.

We will create 3 to 6 Partners which deliver at least 50% of your clients year in year out. 

We will set up three essential elements to collaborate.

3.1.1 Right partners
  • Qualify using the Accelerate Partner App (APA)
  • Rank to prioritise
  • Research for a joint value
3.2.1 Partner win
  • Agree to project plan
  • Sign off on scorecard
  • Evaluate joint value for the long term
3.3.1 Stream of clients
  • Create a permanent calendar
  • Stakeholder buy in
  • Review for continual improvement
 I came from a consulting background and own some e-commerce websites. I wanted to build a sales system fast to achieve 100 new clients for my Outsourcing business in less than 12 months.

What attracted me to Paul was his ability to convert his corporate sales experience into helping service-based others like me.

I didn't have 12 months to learn it myself and Paul's program in 12 weeks delivered exactly what I needed.
Matt Yahes | Founder and CEO of Extend Your Team

Watch the 10min video showing you how we get you results

You've seen how it works and the model that we use.

To build an additional million dollars in consulting revenue will take time.

We know there are some immediate things we can do to have an impact on your business, and this is why we break ASP into two.
First 3 months we work on:
    Niche down and build your authority
    Develop your genius model and offer tables. Get low hanging fruit
    Pick the right partners and run a pilot
Then over a further six months we scale your revenue efforts and embed a system:
    Launch your own marketing assets, podcast guesting and LinkedIn outreach
    Have a fully developed sales funnel a sales call system and a team
    Build a steady stream of news clients from trusted partners

    We have tried to do it all in 3 months and it was too much.

    We did it over 12 months and it was too long.

    9 months is just right.
This is how the team will support you to get the results.
Coni, head of client services, will take you through everything you need to know to hit the ground running.

This includes:
  • Setting up the platforms
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Logistics
You will be given a diagnostic to fill out prior to your first call with Paul.

It is a deep dive into the 3c's to leverage what you have, see the gaps and prepare to prioritize effort.
Paul and yourself will have a session to cover:
  • Expectations of each other
  • What success looks like for you
  • Prioritization from the diagnostic
  • How we will work together
  • Immediate wins
There are 12 sessions to get you the result. Ideally it takes 12 weeks but sometimes life gets in the way and it can take a little longer.

In each session we cover:
  • Wins
  • Scorecard
  • 3 must do's from prior session
  • Action plans
  • The three must-haves for the upcoming week
You have unlimited access to the Accelerate Knowledge Centre.

The centre is an accumulation of over 27 years of experience.

The great news is you don't have to sift through the knowledge base to find the needle in a haystack.

We use an app called Voxer where you simply ask me a question by text or by voice and I get the answer back to you.

A client once said it was like Google for business without all the search results.

For example Melissa was looking for a sales CRM software. We gave her a table of 6 options narrowed it down to one and my team helped her set it up.
I have accumulated a sizeable network over my 27 years of business experience.

I will use it to open doors for you to fast-track your results.

For example, Matt wanted to get on podcasts. I leverage my network of podcasters to fill his schedule.
I have over 400 vetted experts - ones that specifically help consultants - to fast-track what you or your team can't do or should not do.

For example, Dom was looking for a chief of staff. I recommended 3 providers and he ended up going with Creative Talent and raves about Cynthia.
 Paul has shown me how to build a partner program to deliver predictable clients without having to hire more sales people. This has smashed our revenue targets, but most important for me given me mor time to spend with my young family.
Scott Gellatly | CEO at itGenius
  • Owners of consulting businesses who have ambitions to grow an additional 1m in Revenue
  • Vision to sell or have someone run the business for them
  • Have a team who can implement for them
  • Willing to test new sales strategies
  • Want to be an authority in their space
  • Open to mentoring
  • Values based
Paul Higgins is passionate about helping people to Build Live and Give.

He feels blessed to have worked for Coca-Cola for 18 years and successfully exited his tech consulting business.

In February of 2019, he received a life-changing kidney donation from his best friend.

With this second chance in life, he wants to make the most of it through helping others.

He is a Podcaster with 300+ episodes, a book author, and mentor to 100's of owners of consulting businesses.

He often jokes and says that he lives in Melbourne Australia but works in North America.

Paul has 27 years of sales experience but Austin people a truly impressed by his honesty, integrity, and pure tenacity to get results.

Paul loves to spend time with his family, friends, and playing golf.

He did love to travel but being immunosuppressed during COVID certainly threw a spanner in the works.
Check out:
There are some questions in the application booking for you to complete prior to the call.

Any questions you have please email me at [email protected]

Incremental to getting to know each other I will also ask you questions about:

  • Result you want to achieve -professionally and personally
  • Reality of where you are now
  • What roadblocks are in the way
  • How can I help you
  • Investment and return

If we proceed to the investment call, I will take you through a proposal so you have all the facts to make a decision on whether I can help you achieve your results faster than you can alone.

【?】What type of service-based businesses do you help?
I have got the best results where I had first-hand experience.

SAAS resellers
Project management
Business Intelligence

【?】Who don’t you work with?
​✔ I prefer not to work with owners who want to be a one-person show

People who are not growth monochrome orientated

People that take themselves too seriously
【?】What happens if this doesn’t work for me?
​✔ ​If you follow our methodology and guidelines there is a high probability of success.

If you have to stop for personal circumstances outside of your control we can pause the mentoring and start again at a mutually agreed time. If this is not viable, we will agree to a partial refund.
【?】How much time will it take each week?
​✔ ​The calls are for 60 minutes maximum.

The online course content will take a further 30-60 minutes a week.

Your part of the implementation will take anywhere from 1-2 hours a week.

This is work you should be doing anyway - so not incremental.
【?】What if I haven’t worked with a paid mentor before?
​✔ ​The program is structured for you to get a result regardless of your past experience with a mentor.
【?】Can you give me an example of the experts you mentioned above?
​✔ ​Personal branding
​​ ​Website development
​Paid Ads
​Remote teams
​Software setup
​Podcast setup
​Online courses
【?】Can I speak to past and present clients?
​✔ ​Yes once you go through the investment call.
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