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The results clients gain from working with me
As a direct result from working with Paul inside his BLG Accelerate program, I can confidently say in the next 120 days, my business will be at $500,000 in run rate attributed to Paul's contacts.

Paul's been able to connect me with other large virtual agencies 4x bigger than mine. I need to know people who know this stuff, this is very valuable

Matt Yahes,
CEO of Extend Your Team

Since working with Paul in his BLG Sales Machine, I have seen tremendous growth in my number of leads from Linkedin. Paul's program equips me with the right knowledge and skills about Linkedin marketing and I get to work with other amazing business owners in the program. Paul is a genuine and authentic entrepreneur. He cares about my happiness and success over profits. I highly recommend Paul as your business mentor if you are looking to grow leads for your business.

Linh Podetti,
Director of
Outsourcing Angel

Paul is a great guy who is super passionate about helping people running their own startup. He has helped me with my strategy, building my team and keeping me focused. The weekly calls are full of practical learnings which help me get the right stuff done. I highly recommend working with Paul – it has been a blast!

Dan Schwartz,
CEO of InvestorFuse

Paul has been a mentor to me through his BLG Accelerate program for a number of years now.

During that time Bean Ninjas has doubled in revenue, and I've also brought on a business partner. The support and advice from Paul around these big decisions has been invaluable.

Meryl Johnston,
Founder of Bean Ninjas

Paul has shown me how to build a super-star team that's removed me from client delivery.

I've since replicated those principles and systems with amazing results. We've grown our team from 27 staff to 40, we've experienced a 30% gross profit growth during COVID and I've finally managed to remove myself so I can focus on more things I enjoy.

Scott Gellatly,
GM at ItGenius

Paul has helped me be more consistent and successful with my LI posting and outreach. He's generous with his time and knowledge and every time we talk I see improvements in my attitude, performance and results. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Brad Farris,
Business growth consultant Anchor Advisors

Paul has set me on a winning path with LinkedIn. Before, I was blundering around like a blinded hog in the brush, earning scars but never arriving where I needed to be. Paul knows what's working NOW, which is more useful than knowing what has worked in the past. Having his finger is on the pulse of LinkedIn makes Paul the man to follow if you want to arrive in a position of authority on LinkedIn. (And turn that position into sales, which is, let's be honest, what it's all about.)

Steven Lewis,
Founder of Taleist

I connected with Paul while guesting on his podcast Build Give Live and was impressed in a number of different ways. Paul is knowledgeable about marketing – particularly when it comes to effectively leveraging LinkedIn – and eager to help out however he can. Paul has a warm, easygoing demeanor and a desire to share his own insights and the insights of his guests with the world – attributes I greatly respect and enjoy.

Adam Mendler,
CEO of The Veloz Group

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