Are you wasting time on LINKEDIN unable to
find and convert ideal clients?
Sales Machine can help!
Do you find yourself thinking:
  • Referrals are my main source of leads - but boy are they inconsistent
  • I know others are winning on Linkedin - what am I missing?
  • I know my Linkedin profile is my top search result for prospects - and mine is not me!
  • I post because people tell me to - but why do I get crickets?
  • I have moved to selling online - but I still do it 'old school'
  • I have been burnt by experts in the past and get hit up everyday - who can I trust?
  • It is hard doing this on my own - I need some help
I hear you and I had the same in 2019.
Join Sales Machine NOW!
  • Paul has set me on a winning path with LinkedIn.
Before, I was blundering around like a blinded hog in the bush, earning scars but never arriving where I needed to be. Paul knows what's working NOW, which is more useful than knowing what has worked in the past. Having his finger on the pulse of LinkedIn makes Paul the man to follow if you want to arrive in a position of authority on LinkedIn. (And turn that position into sales, which is, let's be honest, what it's all about.)❞
Steven Lewis | Taleist

I created the Sales Machine from scratching my own itch.

I wanted to help people but no one could find me.

I had recently recovered from a transplant and felt confident in marketing myself.

I needed to move fast as I had lost time. So I paid to bring it forward.

I invested 1750 hours in 2019 to be successful.

I want to condense your pathway from education to success.

What you will learn and implement is:
  • A profile speaking to your ideal clients in a language they love
  • 1000's of views to each post which elevates you to be the leader in your industry
  • How to have conversations to build rapport quickly and progress to a call
  • What marketing assets you need to create true fans
  • A sales funnel which is digitized to increase the speed of a sale
  • Multiple sources of leads to de-risk you from one source and platform
  • How to have partners selling for you to scale rapidly
  • How to do only what you can and get a team member to do the rest

You have enormous value to contribute - let's get it happening faster.

Join Sales Machine NOW!
What Linh has to say about Sales Machine...
  • Paul has helped me be more consistent and successful with my LI
posting and outreach. He's generous with his time and knowledge and every time we talk I see improvements in my attitude, performance and results. I can't recommend him highly enough!
Brad Farris | Anchor Advisors, Ltd.
Watch this to see how it can get results for you...
01: Profile
We give you 7 killer steps to get your ideal clients to like and know you.
02: Posting
We give you a system, community, and methodology to get you 1000's of views per post which turn into leads.
03: Possibilities
We give you the systems and scripts to reach out and build relationships which turn into clients.
Once you are getting leads and closing clients from Linkedin. Now time to add some additional sources and assets.
2.1: Marketing assets
We help you to build marketing assets eg podcasts (own and guesting), book, assessments to nurture prospects. 3% are ready to buy at any given time.
2.2: Sales Funnel
Sick of selling online like it is still face to face? We help you to digitize your sales funnel so you close quicker.
2.3: Existing client mining
Now you have more clients, we help you determine who to serve effectively and what more can you sell to them.
2.4: New client prospecting
You have nailed social selling on Linkedin - but it is not on your land!

We show you how to gain high-quality leads from building organic traffic and partners.

Partners is where you sell to one person and they bring you many leads.
  • VIP onboarding
  • Strategy call
  • Profile review
  • Posting training
  • ​Feedback on posts
  • Weekly updates
  • Monthly group calls
  • We are more than a supportive posting group. We are like minded service-based owners looking at all ways to get leads and new clients
  • I practise what I preach. I hire experts, test and then share
  • I am active everyday in the group
  • We are selective on who gains entry
  • We have guidelines and consequences if not followed
  • Relationships over quick sales
  • On the cutting edge of technology to support human connections
  • ​A high barrier to entry to join and clear guidelines to stay
  • We are a community and hold each other accountable
Join Sales Machine NOW!
  • Paul has a tremendous amount of
knowledge of what works and doesn't when engaging in LinkedIn❞
Glenn Tranter | Glenn Tranter Consulting Pty Ltd
  • VIP onboarding
  • Strategy call
  • Profile review
  • Posting training
  • ​Feedback on posts
  • Weekly updates
  • Monthly open mic
Value: 750 USD
Value: 500 USD
Value: 250 USD
Value: 1,250 USD
Value: 1,000 USD
Value: 1,500 USD
Value: 3,000 USD
8,250 USD
  • VIP onboarding 
    (Value: 750 USD)
  • Strategy call
    (Value: 500 USD)
  • Profile review
    (Value: 250 USD)
  • Posting training
    (Value: 1,250 USD)
  • ​Feedback on posts
    (Value: 1,000 USD)
  • Weekly updates
    (Value: 1,500 USD)
  • Monthly open mic
    (Value: 3,000 USD)
TOTAL = 8,250 USD
Only HERE...
  • 3,588 USD!
Join Sales Machine NOW!
**Pay 50% 1,794 USD upfront then pay the remaining 50% over 6 monthly payments of 299 USD.
Total 3,588 USD for 12 months.**
  • Working with Paul has taken a lot of the mystery out of LinkedIn.
I received more engagement in a few weeks of following his approach than I have in several years of doing my own thing..❞
Brian Donovan | Donovan Leadership
I am a High-Performance Mentor, Podcaster, and lover of helping service-based owners to build repeatable sales systems so they can Build, Live and Give.

I worked at Coca-Cola for 18 years, predominately in sales leadership and left due to poor health.

I started several businesses and had a successful exit from 2011-19.

In 2019 I had a transplant from my best mate.

Time to market myself and I doubled down on Linkedin.

Since then I have built this community called the sales machine to deliver:
  • 10m post views
  • 7,500 leads
  • 100's of clients
Whilst not helping my community, I love to spend time mentoring high performing owners, spending time with my teenage children and playing sport.

A portion of the proceeds of the sales machine go to The Purple House. A charity I give to.

Sales Machine
8,250 USD $3,588 USD
for 12 months
50% 1,794 upfront and 50% in 6-monthly payments of 299 USD
  • 1-3 clients a month
  • Proven methodology
  • Supportive community
Join Sales Machine NOW!
How much time will it take each day?
​✔ ​A week to onboard
​✔ ​30min x 3 days a week to comment on posts
​✔ ​30min x 3 to write a posts
​✔ ​10 min a week for education
​✔ ​Sales time up to you

We highly recommend a team member do many of the tasks for you. We can train and/or refer you to partners that provide people to do this
How do I know what to post?
​✔ ​​This is very common. In the training, we give you a way to collect ideas and different themes and formats to follow. You are also reading other post from peers three time a week.

The 1300 characters limit helps you to be short and to the point. We give you templates to follow.

If all else fails, we can introduce you to some content writers.

Who are the members?
​✔ We have members in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, South East Asia, and Australia.

Our members typically come from corporate backgrounds and now run service-based business.

Smart, caring and professional people.
Am I guaranteed results
​✔ ​If you follow the process and do the work the results of 1-3 clients a month will happen. Will it happen in the first three months - no guarantee - but after yes.

If you or I believe the fit and results aren't there we will come to a mutual agreement.
How many followers do I need?
​✔ 1K followers is a good starting point. If you have less we can help you get there.
Do I need sales navigator?
​✔ ​Not at the start. As you ramp up outreach we recommend it
Join Sales Machine NOW!
Pay 50% 1,794 USD upfront
Pay the remaining 50% over 6 monthly payments of 299 USD.
Total 3,588 USD for 12 months.
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